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Work By Truman Dean

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The Wizard's Detective

Haunted by the unexplained disappearance of his girlfriend, Detective Nick Rapture finds solace only in the bottle. Hurdling recklessly on the fast-track of self-destruction, he finds himself newly assigned to a bizarre case involving the death of a street wizard.
The investigation of the mystic, while of seemingly little consequence, takes Rapture on a deceptive and shocking journey. As the city of Dallas falls under the gloom of the raining season, he ventures into the darkest corridors of The Church and the treacherous inner sanctums of the rich and powerful, where reality and face-value are dangerous delusions.
When the clues unravel, he is confronted with a seduction far more insidious than his addiction to the bottle, and attains knowledge that could well threaten to destroy the very foundation of mankind itself.
A tale of magic, murder, and mayhem, The Wizard’s Detective is a story of one man’s quest for answers in a world where questions could get you killed.

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The Badge Bunny

After the killing of a Mage Detective, Nick Rapture returns to Dallas; but his return is not as welcoming as he hoped. Old enemies and friends continue to create mixed feelings for him and the city he called home. With deception lingering in every aspect of the case, the danger that accompanies it is far greater than anything Rapture has known and in the end he will face the past and a promised future that could destroy all that he ever cared about.

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What if there were more to myths than that which we think we know? What if magic was not so unreal? After conquering known space, humankind ventures into her depths. Blindly they explore and find comfort in their dominance of technology. After centuries of exploration, they discover a lush green distant world upon which to set into action their plans of dominion.
However, the planet has plans of its own. Hidden from the advanced technology of humans are species long forgotten on Earth, save in myths. Now the Colonists will discover to expand means to face the unknown and the forgotten.
As rain consumes the world around them, they begin to fall victim to the forces of the world, and only the long-forgotten skills of their ancestors can provide them a chance of surviving. Yet the world's dangers are constant, and in the end, they may find the greatest of these dangers could be within their very selves.

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Humanity has survived for a century, and even facing the dangers of the new world; they still struggle to coexist. But when darkness rises and seeks to eliminate all life, will the human forces, both priests and mage, join in the battle against the dark, or will one bow to the new power? Outlandera is the second book in the Abandonado series that continues the struggle and danger in a world driven by magic.

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The Dampening

Does power corrupt? And if so, once you have it, how far would you go to keep it? These are the questions facing the small percentage of Earth’s population when Hicks Mansion died.
With his death, once ordinary people find themselves reaping the rewards of their inheritance. However, that reward is a nightmare for some, including Frank Kard, who, while adapting to his exceptional skills, sets upon a journey with other inheritors to save the only person who could set things back as they were.
The Dampening ventures into the beginnings when the world faces new powers that would force difficult decisions and cascade danger into the lives of all humankind.

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The World Mover

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For three years, the superhumans known as Exceptionals have resided within society. While many work for their perspective governments, others have chosen to remain independent. However, a dark force envisions a new future. With that vision, the Exceptionals will face dangers outside anything they could have imagined, including the possible destruction of the human race.
The second installment of the Protagonist, The World Mover, endeavors to look at fear and how it can determine the fate of a population when the true enemy is already at the doorstep.

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The Mars Maze

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For over fifty years the normal and Exceptional humans have lived on Mars. They have thrived and expanded across its surface while co-existing and revitalizing the human race. Yet the ever terraforming, once red planet has proven to be harder to tame than expected.
As if it’s not bad enough that they battle daily to hold ground against a world where vegetation over-runs crops, roads, homes, and its native wildlife attack human settlements, the Exceptionals began to experience changes to and the loss of their superpowers. Without their abilities, can humanity survive a world that seems to want them all dead?
The Mars Maze is the last installment of The Protagonist, wrapping up the series with surprising ramifications to normal and Exceptional humans.

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