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The essence of whom we are is less troubling when tales that clutter the mind are transcribed by the hand


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Each series can be read as a standalone series. However, if read in the order below, as a reader, you will discover all things are connected. 

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Truman Dean was born in Mountain Home, Arkansas, in 1967. Mr. Dean is an avid writer; who has created an expansive universe that incorporates all of his novels within a single timeline while allowing the reader to experience sci-fi and fantasy alike. 

In The Works


News and Events

Hello All, Currently I am working on the 3rd installment of the Rapture Trials, while simultaneously working on the 3rd installment of Abandonado. 

I plan on expanding the universe outward that will include more science fiction. 

03/11/22 the 3rd installment of the Rapture Trials is coming along nicely. The development of the world began in 2004 when I wrote a short story. From that story I expanded into the world of Nick Rapture in the Wizard's Detective which was initially released in 2006, only later released on Kindle Publishing in 2011. Within those years I continued to write on other novels, some linking to the world of Rapture like the Abandonado series. Truth was many of my stories were meant to be standalone novels but as time passed there became a connection between the stories (many of which are still in the works) and an expansive universe began to reveal itself. For each of you that read these stories, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


04/16/22 The third installment is going well, and will have additional content added in the epilogue as a bonus to the story and the world building. I am currently working with another author to build on the world of Rapture with a standalone novel called "Beyond Rapture". Some of the concepts we have discussed expands the world into new directions and I look forward to writing with him to explore these ideas.  


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